Abide with Safety Rules, Play Safely in the Water!

Abide with Safety Rules, Play Safely in the Water!

Dear HIS Parents / Guardians,

As the weather gets hotter, more students are visiting valleys, seas, and amusement facilities for water sports. Consequently, the risk of safety accidents among students is likely to increase. Therefore, we are providing the water safety guidelines, so please inform your child about the precautionary measures mentioned in these guidelines.

  1. Before going into the water
  • Make sure to warm up enough and wear a life jacket.
  • Refrain from playing in the water after meals, when you’re hungry, or after a heavy exercise.
  • When playing in the water outdoors, apply sunscreen to avoid burns.
  • Students with long hair should tie their hair or wear swimming caps.

(✤ Your hair may wrap your neck while playing in the water.)

  1. While in the water
  • Follow these steps when you are going in water: feet → legs → face → chest and slowly enter the water
  • Only play in areas where you know the depth and play in the presence of a guardian or a safety personnel
  •  If you get a cramp in your leg, immediately get out of the water
  • Stop playing in the water if you have the following symptoms:
    • Symptoms of tremors, purulent lips, or tightening of the face
    • When you get goosebumps on your skin,
  • In an emergency situation, raise one arm as high as possible and shake it for help.
  • Don’t play in the water while chewing gum or eating food.
  • Avoid playing pranks such as pushing into deep waters or staying under the water for a long time.
  • Don’t go alone into the water to retrieve shoes or other things that have washed up. Ask for help from adults around you
  1. After coming out of the water
  • Wash your body with clean water and brush your teeth.
  • Dry your hair and body thoroughly.
  • Get enough rest and make sure to treat even minor injuries.

June 17, 2022

Handong International School