2025 Admissions Information Session
1st 2024.08.17(Sat) Seoul Yangje Onnuri Church 2pm / 2nd 2024.08.31(Sat) Handong International School 2pm


Specialized Programs

Handong International School students are taught to develop right values and healthy life habits even outside of the classroom. Our specialized programs, based on 3C’s in Christ, are available to grades 1-12.

HIS Reading Program

The goal of the HIS Reading Program is to help our students develop a lifelong love for knowledge and wisdom. Students can record and manage their reading activity on the Reading Support System.

Elementary School : Read

Elementary school is a period when students can read voraciously. Students read lots of books and participate in storytelling activities such as writing book reports and illustrating stories.

Middle School : Connect

Middle school students focus on writing thematic book reviews to strengthen thoughtful writing skills. Writing and defending their arguments allow students to turn information into knowledge.

High School : Nurture

In high school reading activities are connected to career guidance in an integrated roadmap. After aptitude testing, students can set objectives and research matching topics to create a career portfolio.

HIS Family Life Education Program

The purpose of our family life education program is to enable students to make pure and right choices throughout life as they depend on God. Unlike the compulsory and uniform sex education in public schools, our program will look at issues of life and sex, marriage and family so that students can live in a manner that pleases God.

God Created Me (Is 43:7)

Loving One Another (Jn 13:34)

Life & Family (Ge 1:28)

In elementary school students learn the value of self (ME) and others (YOU). Instruction is given in separate lessons and integrated into regular classes. 

In middle and high school students learn to look at relevant issues such as dating, pornography and family life from a Christian worldview. 

Elementary God saw that it was good Middle & High
God created
me precious
Knowing God created me
7 , 10
Created by God
Sound body
Sound Mind
God created you precious
Learning to love one another
8 , 11
Family & Marriage
We are all precious
Calling in the family
9 , 12