& Scholarships

Giving and Scholarships

In order to preserve our unique curriculum, Handong International School operates without government funding.
Since our establishment, we have supported and provided scholarships to missionary children (MKs).
Currently, about 30 MKs from 16 countries are enrolled in HIS (about 10% of the middle and high school population).

MKs receive the following scholarships:



of annual tuition



of entrance fees

We are in constant need of prayer and support so that we can continue to fulfill our mission and serve missionary children.
If you would like to join us in our mission, you can support HIS in the following ways:

Types of Support

· Scholarships

Support MK tuition or MK tutoring fees. Recipient names, numbers and period of sponsorship may be decided by the sponsor.

· Regular Support

Support school operation costs other than scholarships.

· Special Support

Support specific school projects.
Ex) Purchase new books, expand multimedia facilities (e.g. computers, projectors), purchase educational materials.

Bank Account

· IBK 158-081297-01-111 (Account Holder: 한동글로벌학교)

When sending donations, please include the sender's name and type of support.


· 054-260-1731 jeremy@his.sc.kr (Byung Chul Han Business Director)