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Application Instructions

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Application Tips

  • Language: You may write your application in Korean or English. For addresses, please enter Korean addresses in Korean and foreign addresses in English.
  • Saving Your Application: You can save your application as you complete it. Click the buttons at the bottom of the page to “Save”, “Save & Back” (save and go to the previous page), or “Save & Next” (save and go to the next page).
  • Student Photo: Please upload a digital photo where the applicant’s face is clearly visible, such as a passport photo.
  • Student Personal Statement: The Student Personal Statement must be completed by the applicant. In the case of middle & high school applicants, we recommend a length of half an A4 page (about 250 English words or 1000 Korean characters). 
  • Parent Self Introduction: Some questions must be filled out by both parents. Other questions may be answered by one parent.
  • Uploading Documents: Only one file may be uploaded per category. If you have multiple files in one category, we recommend compressing the files with ZIP file software. 
  • Recommendation Forms: Please enter the names and email addresses of your references correctly. Once you complete and submit your application, they will automatically receive a link to an online recommendation form. The email is sent only after the application is submitted so we recommend submitting your application a few days before the deadline as recommendations must also be submitted within the application period.
  • Review Your Application: You can review all parts of the application and check that you have entered information correctly during the Review stage. Any incomplete sections will be marked with a yellow exclamation point. (Please note that the family photo is not visible from the Review page.) 

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