Announcement for December SAT

SAT on December 3rd will be held in Library at HIS. The students who will take the SAT at HIS should check the requirements for it. Two 2B pencils with erasers.Government-issued identification card : Identification card or passport (student card- not allowed),printed admission ticket,Allowed calculators (HIS does not provide calculators),Wearing a mask. Please check the […]

Student Language Culture Improving Educational Week

Dear Parents, We will conduct a program for speaking in positive words to ourselves, friends, and family for a month in October. We would like to ask all the parents to join us for speaking in positive words to children at home.

2022-2 HIS Parents T-Time Groups and Meetings

Dear HIS Parents, The application for HIS Parents T-Time for the second semester of 2022 was closed on September 24 (Sat). HIS Parent Education Steering Committee has organized Korean-speaking groups as in Table (p. 3) in consideration of the first-come, first-served application, preference classification priority, and the number of people. As announced before, if you […]

2022-2 HIS Parents T-Time Operation Plan

Dear HIS Parents, I hope you had a healthy and enjoyable Chuseok break. Following last semester, HIS Parents T-Time will be held this semester as well. Please check the details in the attached file and apply a lot! September 14, 2022 (Wednesday) Hamin Baek, Principal

2022.09.12 Kyeongbuk Maeil

지혜로운 교육으로 도전 극복·변화 선도 (윤희정 기자) “지역과 국가를 넘어 모든 지역, 모든 영역에서 새로운 미래를 열어갈 아이들에게는 도전을 극복하고 변화를 선도하기 위해 ‘양질의 교육’이 필요합니다. 지식만이 아니라 사리를 분별하고 창의적으로 문제를 해결할 수 있는 지혜를 배우는 교육 말이지요.” 최근 취임한 백하민 한동글로벌학교 교장이 밝히는 미래 인재 양성을 위한 핵심 교육관이다. 포항시 북구 흥해읍 한동로 […]