New Teacher, Student Teacher Introduction

New Teacher, Student Teacher Introduction

New teachers and student teachers are serving for HIS for the 2022-1 semester. Please welcome them!

Mr. Changmin Kwak | MHS English Teacher

  • Major : International Studies, Languages and Literature(English), U.S. and International Law (UIL) 
  • Experience : English Teacher for Middle & High School Students and Director of High School Division, B2B Marketing Business Planning and Translating

With God all things are possible. I believe everything is God’s grace. With God’s grace, we learn as a teacher and as a student. I will be a mentor and a friend to the students.

Chan-min Cha | Science

Hello, I am Cha Chan-min, in the Department of Mechanical Control Engineering at Handong University, who will practice as a science teacher at HIS this semester. When I was serving in the military, I worked in middle school as a social service worker, and after staying with middle school children for two years, I became more interested in education, and I realized that the future could change completely, especially depending on what kind of education the children receive. Since then, I have taken the TEP course in Handong. I like the energy and innocence of children. I like to play with children and talk with them, but above all, I hope we can worship God together and get to know God more. These days, there seems to be a conflict of values in the world that the word Value War fits. My vision is to be a person who has a good influence on the world with Christian values. It’s not enough, but I’ll do my best to learn and experience it. Thank you. Finally, my favorite Bible verse is Romans 12:15 ‘Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn!’

Oh Jiyeon | Social Studies

Hello, I’m Oh Jiyeon, majoring in Korean law and global Korean studies (Korean language education) at Handong University. This semester, I’m planning to conduct an educational field practice as a social subject at Handong International School. Since I was young, I have been interested in the field of education and have dreamed of becoming a teacher. When I came to Handong, I thought that I wanted to be a teacher who helps children find their vision and learn happily and joyfully in God. I think HIS is leading Christian education with similar values and systematic curriculum to Handong University. So, I wanted to experience Christian alternative schools and learn a lot while conducting field training at HIS. I don’t have any experience yet and I’m very lacking and nervous because I’m a student teacher who takes the first step, I would appreciate it if the teachers could help me a lot. I believe that this semester’s time at HIS will be a valuable foundation for me and I will work hard with anticipation. Thank you! 🙂

Heejung Lee | Science

Hello! My name is Heejung Lee. I am attending Handong graduate school of education. My vision is to love students as a teacher. I taught English at a Christian alternate school for a semester and at a private organization. It is my first time teaching science at Handong International School. I will appreciate your help and encouragement.

Chakriya Yuenyaw | English

My name is Chakriya Yuenyaw from Thailand. I am 27 years old in Korean age. I major in Education with Psychology and English major. This is my 9th semester at Handong Global University. I am honored to complete my practicum at Handong International School. According to my major that relates to psychology, I am interested in the MBTI test, so I would like to introduce my personality based on my MBTI result. I am ENFJ. I believe that I am called to serve a greater purpose in my life. I am a thoughtful and cheerful person. I think that mistakes are my meaningful lesson, so I always learn from the mistakes and feedback in the past. I love to motivate others. Even if it is a challenge, I always seek a possibility. Also, I am an idealist. I believe that everyone can follow and achieve their dreams, so it is the reason why I want to be a teacher in the future. I want to encourage my students to follow their dreams. What I expect from this opportunity during the practicum is that I hope to learn more about how to teach and build a relationship with students in the real school setting, so I think that it will be a great chance to gain more experience in Handong International School. Lastly, I hope to finish the practicum well until the end and grow up in Christ in another step of my life after graduation.