Library News : Apr-May Reading Event

Library News : Apr-May Reading Event

By Ms. Hee Jung Lee, Librarian

2022 HIS Library Reading Program

If anyone has ears to hear, let him hear. _ Mark 4:23

The Reading event for blooming April will be “Song for little things.”

Jesus speaks in parables in the Bible. Parables help us to realize the truth beyond language. A mustard seed represents the smallest fruit. Though it is small and weak, there comes a time when it feels much bigger. It is a blessing that we have ‘ears to hear’ that can interpret the bible by God’s grace. The ‘ears to hear’ is what we must carefully guard and put our value in. Hopefully, our ears will become more clear and be able to listen to the sound of birds greeting spring!

The song of a mustard seed

Those who have ears to hear

It doesn’t have to be

that big

It doesn’t have to be

that hot

It only needs to be

a mustard seed

It only needs to be a mustard seed

Blowing in the wind

BY Kang Eun-gyo

The poet empathizes with the mustard seed. You, don’t have to try to be bigger. You don’t have to be too hot. Small things are not a small thing. Don’t be afraid any more. Do you think the song of the mustard seed is small? No, the seed that removes prejudice towards itself is rather determined, and big.

If the standards of the person you compare becomes different, the small things become bigger, and the big things may become smaller. Before we read the poem, the mustard seed seemed tiny, but after we sang the poem, it should feel much bigger.

Enjoyful Reading Media with HIS Students

‘My Favorite Book’ : HIS Book Dream Challenge-I’m a BookTuber!

  • We are steadily growing in line with the times of non-contact. The contents are transforming from text to videos now. Anyone can make, edit, watch, and share videos of their own.
  • With BookTube, you can easily show book reviews, introduce new books, share tips on how to choose books, etc. in short videos. You will get more familiar with type itself. Reading the books recommended by someone also means reading that person. Reciting is also a process of recovering. Listen carefully to the consolation of classmates and introduce your own favorite book to the audience.

☻ 3 Benefits of Being a BookTuber

First, personal growth

Second, improvement of reading and organizing

Third, befriend a reading mate

☞ How to Apply


  • Video Format(less than 3 mins) : Book review of the book you want to introduce, Poem reciting, Bible BookTuber
  • Book review, poem


  • Poem drawing, Poem, Review drawing

Applicant : All Students

Title : ‘To those who have ears to hear’

Date : 2022.Apr.01 ~ May.30

File Format : Possible for Online Posting (mp4, avi, wmv : 1280*720 px)

☞ Submission

  • Email : heejunglee@his.sc.kr 
  • Contact : Librarian Hee Jung Lee (054-260-1742)

We have the autographed book Jeju’s <House of Poet>, which came from sea to land, along with a collection of poems of BTS songs rewritten by Ra Tae-joo.

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