Rapid Antigen Test Preemptive Testing

Rapid Antigen Test Preemptive Testing

Dear Parents,

As we enter into the new semester, the Ministry of Education has introduced rapid antigen test (RAT) preemptive testing as one of the COVID-19 prevention measures.

In order to prevent asymptomatic infection of COVID-19, the RAT preemptive testing is performed at home twice a week, and the results should be entered in the health condition self-check system.

Below is the method of the preemptive testing and related information. We ask for your active cooperation in order to prevent asymptomatic infection in the school.

  • Test Kit: Distributed by the school.

(1st week of March: 1 per student, 2nd – 5th week of March: 2 per student)

  • Testing frequency & days: Testing should be done twice a week (Wednesday & Sunday evening) at home.
  1. The kit distributed on March 2nd(Wednesday) should be used for the March 6th(Sunday) evening test.
  2. If you paused going to school, you have to take a test the day before your return day in order to return to school.
  • Entering test result: Enter the result in the ‘health condition self-check system’ before going to school (★must participate in the self-check)
  • Excluded from testing: No testing required within 45 days from the date you become a confirmed case
  • Caution
  1. Even if the test result is negative, you must wear a KF80 or higher mask and follow the quarantine guidelines.
  2. Even if you tested negative, if you have symptoms, please stop going to school and visit a designated medical institution for examination.
  • What if you test positive?
  1. After notifying the homeroom teacher, stop going to school. Seal the kit in a plastic bag, and take
    it to a screening clinic for PCR test.
  2. Stop going to school until you get the result. When the result is out, contact your homeroom