New Faculty in 2022-1

New Faculty in 2022-1

We are pleased to introduce new faculty for this semester.


Mr. Youngjin Park | PE and Technology Teacher

  • Education: PE Education
  • Experience: Teacher at Alternative Schools

God has created men and women in His image. I hope the students that are made in His image will be able to experience the created world with their bodies, and get to know the Father’s joy in His children.

Ms. Myeongsil Cheong | ES ESL Teacher

  • Education: TESL (Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language); Educational Leadership
  • Experience: ESL Teacher in China

I am thankful that God led me to serve as an ESL teacher at HIS. I will spare no effort to help ESL students improve their English skills by helping them know the joy of learning the language and having them build confidence in applying it. My hope is that ESL students will overcome their language barriers and use English as a tool to change the world for the Kingdom and glory of God.

Middle · High School

Ms. Jinsol Kim | 9A Homeroom Teacher, MHS English Teacher

  • Education: International Studies(English), International Law
  • Experience: Jungchul Jr. Orbi Academy English Teacher

I thank God for guiding me to Handong International School. I am moving forward with a vision for educational mission. Beyond simply teaching language, I would like to guide students to understand language and culture in faith so that they can know God’s greater love for the world. For this to be done, I want to fulfill my responsibilities honestly and sincerely before God and also before other people. I also pray and hope that I will perform and handle my duties well with the wisdom and love God gives me. Soli Deo Gloria! 

Ms. Yeji Baek | 9B Homeroom Teacher, MS Mathematics Teacher

  • Education: Math Education
  • Experience: DGA Global Academy Math Teacher

Math is a subject that helps you better understand the world that God has created. I hope that it brings students closer to God as they understand the principles of His creation.
“And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.” (Lk. 2:52)
As the children grow in height, I want to bless them to grow in wisdom, and to receive God’s love to share it with their neighbors.

Ms. Sojoong Kim | 10B Homeroom Teacher, MHS Social Studies Teacher

  • Education: Intercultural Studies, Counseling Psychology, TEP Certification
  • Experience: Byulmuri Christian School India Co-Teacher, Bethlehem School of Jerusalem Social Studies Student Teacher, Holistic Global Citizenship Education Curriculum Development Researcher

I experienced Christian education as a student at HIS and it changed my life. I hope that the students can also know that same joy and gratitude that I experienced. I want to be a teacher that sees the image of God and potential within the students. Through social studies, I hope that students will be able to look at the world with God’s compassion and love.  

Ms. Soyoung Park | 12A Homeroom Teacher, MHS English Teacher

  • Education: Communications, TESOL
  • Experience: Jang Dae-Hyun School

I am grateful to God for the opportunity to be part of HIS community. I pray for our students that they would experience God – His love, peace, and presence – in the midst of challenges in daily school life.

Ms. Gladymar Rodriguez | 8A Homeroom Teacher, MHS English Teacher

  • Education: Theatre Arts
  • Experience: English Teacher at Gumi Electronic Technical High School

God is AMAZING and WORTHY TO BE PRAISED! I couldn’t imagine my life without Him. He makes me strong when I feel weak. He gives me peace when I feel anxious or worried. God is a provider and, because of His unconditional love, I am able to be here at Handong International School. He has given me purpose and has called me to serve Him here. As time progresses, I ask God to continue to guide me and give me wisdom so that I may also help and guide our students. It is my hope that we might learn about English, Drama, and Life by more than mere words, but by actions experienced in love and truth. 

Mr. Sunki Pang | MHS IT, Computer Teacher

  • Education: Computer Science, Counseling Psychology
  • Experience: Cambodia Siem Reap Good Tree International School Teacher

I am very happy to teach students who will grow up to be precious workers of God at HIS and thank God for leading me here. I will help students learn about rapidly developing technologies and see the changing world correctly.

Ms. Suim Lim | Guidance Counselor, Test Coordinator

  • Education: Computer Science, Counseling Psychology
  • Experience: Cambodia Siem Reap Good Tree International School Teacher

I want to help students find a pleasant way by discovering and loving themselves in God. I will also pay attention to students’ hidden abilities and try to find a better way to make them shine brighter.

Ms. You Kyeung Jang | MS Music Teacher

  • Education: Composition
  • Experience: Worked at Jangheung Middle School and Yeongil Middle School

I thank God who led me to HIS. I will teach children how to understand the sound God has given and help them discern how to use music. I will nurture them as a student who loves music, by the love I received from God.

Elementary·Middle·High School

Mrs. Jungeun Jang | School Counselor

  • Education: Counseling Psychology
  • Experience: Alternative School Music Therapy Teacher, Ulsan Youth Welfare Center Counseling Instructor

All life that God has created is meant to be respected. I will cherish, value, and appreciate the souls God has created every day we spend together.

Ms. Min Hye Oh | ES KSL and Grade 7 Korean Teacher

  • Education: Christian Education, Korean Education
  • Experience: Secondary School Teacher Certificate(Religion, Korean), Worked at seven middle and high Schools in Gyeongsangbuk-do

I hope to use Korean as a useful tool for children to see the world from a Christian perspective. I am excited to be a part of a praying school, HIS. I will do my best to see His Kingdom reigning in the classroom.


Mr. Isak Kim | Dorm Parent

  • Education: Biology Education, Math Education
  • Experience: Secondary Teaching Certificate (General Science, Biology, Math) Icheon Middle School, Manila Hankuk Academy, Byulmuri Christian School

I hope to work in harmony with the HIS community until the very end of my time here. And I hope to love my neighbors as if each day were my last.

Mr. Bugyum Lim | Dorm Parent

  • Education: Life Science
  • Experience: Malaysia International Korea School Assistant Teacher

I am grateful and happy to have the opportunity to spend time with the HIS students and staff whom I used to only see from afar. I hope we can be a community, school, and church united with love in God.

Ms. Suyeon Kim | Dorm Parent

  • Education: Management, Social Welfare
  • Experience: New Zealand MEC Missionary Organization Chinese Youth Short-term Mission Ministries, Australia TAHLEE Christian Community Training, YWAM DTS Training Complete

As God has led me here, I will strive to make a community that is united as one in Christ.

Business Office

Ms. Jinsil Kim | External Relations Specialist

  • Education: Visual Communication Design, Mass Communication
  • Experience: Jungchul Jr. Academy English Teacher, HIC Children & Youth Ministry Teacher, Multiple Promotional Graphic Design Works

Hello! I am the new external relations specialist, led by God’s guidance. To bring the ones who He has formed back to Him(Isaiah 43:7), I will be a clear vessel that shows the identity of Handong to the world. Thank you.