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2022 Student Life Regulations

2022 Student Life Regulations

Dear Parents of Middle and High School (MHS),

I hope that all of you keep healthy and experience God’s creative hand closely amid the changing seasons.

We are guiding our students based on the student life regulations so that they can develop character and lifestyle worthy of agents of God’s kingdom. In the meantime, the student life regulations revised in 2018 were used, but teachers felt the need for revision in several areas of the regulations as they guided students. Therefore, the MHS disciplinary committee came up with revised student life regulations after dozens of discussions since the beginning of this year. And we would like to inform you that the MHS student life regulations have been officially revised as of October 5th through the deliberation of the school leadership committee and Dr. Park’s approval.

Here are some major revisions: (You can download the attached file to check the full MHS Student Life Regulations)

  • Distinction between disciplinary education and disciplinary action
  • Introduction of detention points and recovery education for disciplinary education
  • Revisions of regulations on disciplinary action in accordance with the Enforcement Decree of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act
  • Introduction of school uniform

The revised regulation includes articles regarding the school uniform. A significant amount of time and effort, including several surveys of students and teachers, was put into determining the scope and designs of them. We will announce the details of the school uniform separately.

Please pray for our students to be conformed to the image of Jesus Christ every day.

Hamin Baek, Vice Principal

Chair, MHS Disciplinary Committee