Nurse’s Corner

Nurse’s Corner

By Ms. Jiwon Lee, School Nurse

Health Self-Check

  1. Please take the health self-check every day before coming to school.
  2. If you forget your password or change your phone number contact the school.
  3. Close-contact students and students at home are also required to take the daily health self-check.
  4. Confirmed students: Submit Quarantine Notifications via the Health Condition Self-check App

Notes on RAT Kits

  1. If you have been released from quarantine following a positive test: Test results may remain positive up to 45 days since confirmation (No test needed)
  2. The RAT kit is a recommendation. Even if testing has not been completed, if students have no symptoms, they may attend school.
  3. If you do have symptoms, you should remain at home, even if test results are negative.

When there are Confirmed Cases / Close Contacts in Family
※ If someone you live with is confirmed positive
Passive monitoring for 10 days (regardless of vaccination status).

  1. Can attend school if PCR test is negative.
  2. RAT: advised to take on the 6th~7th day
    ※ If someone you live with is a close contact (according to quarantine authorities)
  3. Attend school without quarantine
  4. RAT : advised to take during 6~7th day

When You are Confirmed Positive for Covid-19

  1. 7 days of quarantine required. After quarantine, you may attend school again without a PCR test.
  2. Dorm students: Include roommates as cohabitants in the epidemiological test.
  3. For at least 3 days after release from quarantine, wear a minimum KF94 grade mask and refrain from using public facilities or having private gatherings.
  4. Even if another cohabitant test positive for COVID, you may attend school when your quarantine is over.
  5. After you have been confirmed positive, you do not need to take RAT or PCR tests for 45 days.

When You Have Symptoms

  1. Take a RAT test at a clinic or at home.
  2. Even if the test is negative, if symptoms persist, stay at home and recover.
  3. If you must attend school: you may only be allowed after a negative RAT kit. (Results are valid until midnight on the day of testing)
  4. If you have taken a PCR test due to epidemiological investigation: you must remain at home (go home) until the PCR test results come out