Curriculum Overview

The curriculum of Handong International School aims to equip students to be agents for God’s Kingdom, capable of serving anywhere in the world. Based on our model of 3C’s in Christ, our curriculum uses elements of the Korean national curriculum, foreign curriculums, as well as our own unique curriculum, and consists of course subjects and co-curricular activities.

3C’s (Called, Cultivated, Commissioned)
in Christ



Identity, Worldview
& Calling in Christ

in Christ



to Change the World




In Christ

Handong International School education is based on the foundation of Christ. We hope to teach our students to recognize Jesus Christ as Lord of this world and of themselves and to develop his heart and character. On this basis, our curriculum seeks to emphasize the following:

Called: Establish Identity, Worldview & Calling in Christ

· Bible classes offered in all grades based on Christian worldview
· Chapel, homeroom devotions, and special prayer meetings nurturing spirituality
· High school Vision & Vocation classes focusing on calling

Cultivated: Develop Capacity to Change the World

Academic Education

· Christian worldview-based curriculum integrating faith, learning & life
· Elective courses and curriculum tailored for students’ gifts and callings
· Excellence in education through project-based teaching

Character and Creativity Education

· Class and team activities to enhance community as well as individual diversity
· Variety Show, H-Festival and club activities for student leadership and creativity
· Dormitory life training for living together in community

Global Education

· Dual language curriculum and English immersion programs
· English as a Second Language (ESL), Korean as a Second Language (KSL) classes
· Fellowship with other international schools through academic and sporting events

Commissioned: Serve God’s Kingdom

· Problem-solving skills through creative convergence courses
· Dual track college guidance counseling for Korean and overseas universities
· Opportunities to serve others through field trips, locally and overseas