Like other Korean schools, at HIS the school year starts in Spring (March). If applicants have graduated from or are transferring from schools that start in Fall, the grade they join will be determined based on the amount of schooling completed and the time of admission.

Each class has a capacity of 20 students. Elementary school has one class per grade, middle school has two classes per grade, and high school has three classes per grade.

In Korea, ‘regular admissions’ refers to students entering the first year of elementary school (1st grade), middle school (7th grade), or high school (10th grade). Admissions for all other grades are referred to as ‘transfer admissions’.

Admissions Type
Exam & Interview
1st Sem Regular
Late Jul
1st Sem Transfer
Late Oct
Early Nov
Late Nov
2nd Sem Transfer
Late May
Early Jun
Late Jun

Each year there are 20 new openings for 1st grade, 7th grade, and 10th grade. For other grades, availability depends on the number of vacancies that year. We do not accept transfer admissions for 12th grade.

Unlike conventional admissions, students are not selected on a rolling admission. Students are admitted after an evaluation process including an interview and entrance exam. See more information here.

There is a written exam and interview

Exam Subjects 

  • Elementary: English
  • Middle & High: Korean, English (writing & oral), Math 


  • Elementary: Student Interview (except for 1st grade), Student Social Skills Assessment, Parent Interview
  • Middle & High: Student Interview, Parent Interview

HIS does not accept donations as a prerequisite for admission, and a donation is not required upon admission. However, as we do not receive government funding, any donations are welcome and appreciated.

The admissions information day is an annual event held at Saturday during mid August~start of September.

If you wish to visit the school, please contact the school prior to the visitation and make a reservation. Please note that during our general/transfer admissions period our office may be less available for consultation.

Students will be assigned to a year/grade level based on their date of birth, the system of education in the relevant country, their period of study (domestic and abroad), and their current grade. When requesting a consultation, please give us the above information so we can assist you. 

There are scholarships available for the children of Handong Global University Foundation faculty and employees and for the children of missionaries, which are given at the discretion of financial donors.