Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the Handong Global University (HGU) Education Foundation, an organization that has established and operates HIS, consists of eleven directors and two auditors, who are appointed through the election of the Board of Directors and with the approval of the authorities concerned.

The Board of Directors deliberates and decides on:

    • Matters concerning the Foundation’s budget, accounts settlement, and debit payment; and acquisition, disposal, and management of the Foundation’s property

    • Matters concerning changes in the bylaws of the Foundation

    • Matters concerning merger or dissolution of the Foundation

    • Matters concerning the appointment and dismissal of members of the Board of Directors

    • Matters concerning the appointment and dismissal of the Foundation established institutions’ head and faculty

    • Important matters concerning management of the Foundation established institutions

    • Matters concerning profitable business

    • Other matters that are subject to the authority of the Foundation as specified in laws or bylaws of the Foundation

Members of the Board of Directors



Major Career

• Chairman

Jaehoon Lee

2020.11.27 ~ 2024.11.26

Senior Pastor of Onnuri Church

• Directors

JungKeun Yu

2021.06.11 ~ 2025.06.10

(Current) Chairperson of Gyeongwon Cultural Foundation

(Former) President of Korean Red Cross

Shinhoo Kang

2021.06.11 ~ 2025.06.10

(Current) Director of Daehakchon Mission
(Former) Professor of Seoul National University

Won-Guon Cho

2021.06.15 ~ 2025. 06.14

Professor of Woosong University

WooKyung Kim

2019.06.20 ~ 2023.06.19

(Current) Consulting Lawyer of Lawfirm RootsAlae

(Former) Chief Prosecutor of Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office

Sounghoon Chang

2018.09.21 ~ 2022.09.20

(Former) Professor of Konkuk Univ. School of Medicine

Soon-Heung Chang

2019.06.20 ~ 2023.06.19

(Current) President of Handong Global University

(Former) Vice-President of KAIST

HeeJoon Kim

2021.06.11 ~ 2025. 06.10

(Current) Meridien DNI CEO

(Former) HRW Management General Partner

Jaehee Kim

2019.07.12 ~ 2023.07.11

Representative Director of EHWA Diamond

Young-Ae Kim

2019.08.27 ~ 2022.09.20

Chairperson of Handong Global Foundation

Wook Hwan Song 

2021.03.12 ~ 2025.03.11

(Current) Co-president of Hub Investment Management, Representative of SparkLabs

(Former) Vice-President/General Manager of Nike Korea

• Auditors

JongSung Kim

2018.09.21 ~ 2021.09.20

Chairman of Social Solidarity Bank

Jinho Chung

2020.06.20 ~ 2023.06.19

(Current) Chairman/CEO of The Wells Investment

(Former) MYSC Founder/President