Curriculum of Elementary School

HIS Elementary School Curriculum

The curriculum of HIS elementary school program (grades 1 to 6) is largely composed of courses and extracurricular activities, made up of creative activities, after-school programs, and special programs.

1. Courses

*taught in English (as of 2019)

2. Team-Teaching Model

In our Team-Teaching model, 1st & 2nd grades, 3rd & 4th grades, and 5th & 6th grades form teams. Two teachers will cooperate and teach two different subject tracks into two grades. Each teacher will also carry out homeroom responsibilities (PTC, report cards, discipline, and general communication) and Bible class for one of the grades.

3. Timetable

*Except for the rainy and bad air quality days, all students are supposed to be outside during mid-recess and lunch recess.

4. Spiritual Education Program

Chapel: Every Friday first period, all elementary students gather to worship God. Two weeks of chapel are focused on teaching a specific topic, with the third week devoted to activities aimed to encourage practical application. In this time, we encourage faith that doesn’t end with knowledge but extends into works.

Bible Class: From Mondays to Thursdays, we start the day with Bible lessons. Students and teachers share their thoughts on scripture as they learn what it means to be God’s children and live daily in His word.

Bible Activities: This contest helps establish a foundation for Christian education as students learn to love the Bible through learning about Bible stories and characters.

5. Character Education

HIS Character Education is about teaching children to develop themselves as good citizens who think of others first and look to Christ as the ultimate example of behavior. The goal of character education is for students to become compassionate stewards of the gifts God has entrusted to them to the glory of His kingdom. HIS teaches students to apply their character education in and out of school. Students get to learn and practice character traits through the following school programs.

6. Creative Activities

-Special Programs

  • E.P.E. (English Practice Everyday)
  • English as a Second Language, Korean as a Second Language
  • Lit-Pro Scholastic online reading program


  • Spring and Fall Field Trip
  • SKAC sports tournament (Basketball, Futsal)
  • Spelling Bee & STEM Fair
  • Sports Day
  • Creative Art Contest
  • Korean Writing Contest
  • Bible Golden Bell, Bible Memory Contest
  • Reading Under the Stars
  • HIStory Night

-After-School Clubs (As of 2019-2)

  • Art: Crafts, Origami
  • Creativity: Puzzles, Board games
  • Music: Praise Team, Flute, Orchestra, Choir
  • Math/Science: Creative Math, Robotics
  • Sports: Basketball, Futsal, Volleyball
  • English: Intensive Writing, Junior TOEFL, Reading & Discussion

* Club list can vary by semester.


Every year in April, 2nd-6th grade students take a standardized test called TERRA NOVA. This test allows us to compare the student’s performance relative to the performance of individual students and groups of students across the US.