Student Welfare

Student Welfare

HIS makes a concerted effort to ensure students’ welfare and health.

Cafeteria (Thanksgiving Hall, Room 101)


HIS supplies students with quality food service through Shinsegye Food, a professional catering enterprise. Currently, 1 manager, 1 cook, and 8 assistants work together to provide a range of different kinds of dishes including Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and Western, through a hygienically standard process.

The service is given to dorm students and parents for breakfast and dinner during the week and for every meal over the weekend. In particular, at every lunch during the week, when the service is given to all students and staff members, two menus (a Korean menu and a non-Korean menu) are provided in order to satisfy various food preferences. 

Library (Thanksgiving Hall, Room 301)


On the third floor of Thanksgiving Hall is a library for all HIS students. Students may have access to various collections of Korean and English volumes and especially books in relation to the scholastic reading program. Presently, a librarian and several parent volunteers are serving.

Nurse’s Room (Vision Hall, Room 108)

With a goal of helping students to stay healthy, the nurse’s room, run by a school nurse, provides students the following services to support their health maintenance.

  • Health-related counseling
  • First aid
  • Treatment of light external wounds
  • Sex education
  • Health education
  • Health check-up
  • Physical examination
  • Blood donation

In addition, two sets of bunk beds are available for students who need rest or recovery. 

Counselor’s Office (Mission Hall, Room 102)

The Counselor’s Office exists to help students deal with various life issues they face in their growth process. Those issues include academic problems, career plans, family conflicts, friendship issues, emotional difficulties among others. 

Students can apply for a counseling appointment online. [Link]