Dormitory Life

Dormitory Information

HIS dormitory life is designed to help students to become men and women of God equipped with responsibility and self-control, with respect for themselves and others, and engaging with their community. Worship and devotion are a daily part of life, and students are instructed in keeping regulations, cleanliness and organization, as well as serving others in the community. 

Each dormitory has a ratio of one dorm parent to 24 students. Four students share a room. Each room is accommodated with bunk beds, closet space, desks, and chairs for each student. Male and female students occupy different floors or buildings.

Students may leave the dorm on Saturdays and holidays with a parent’s written permission. On principle, students may not leave campus on weekdays. Students are only allowed to leave campus when dorm parents have written permission, as well as verbal confirmation from the parents. For day-visits, students must return to campus by 5 PM. On overnight visits, students must return by 5:30 PM the day before school resumes.

Dormitory Timetable

1 Parental permission is required in advance
2 Off-campus visiting is not allowed on Sundays
3 Students may go to bed starting from 22:30, those wishing to study may stay up until 24:00

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