Community Life

Community Life

One of the important factors that helps  students grow into persons as described in our ESLRs is communal environments that emphasize students’ autonomy and collaboration. Through various communal activities, we hope that our students develop a communal aptitude and the competence needed to live as Christians in a global era. Below are examples of such communal environments.


The basic unit of community during the school hours is a homeroom. In each homeroom, students learn how to live in a community as they open each school day with the Bible class (elementary) or homeroom devotion (middle and high), share diverse kinds of information, and comply with class rules. Middle and high school students have several homeroom activities after school each semester to solidify their homeroom communities. Also, as various school programs are administered with the homeroom as a basic unit, students foster an ability to tackle tasks collectively.

[Elementary] Teams

Elementary school encourages interaction between students from different grades. The entire elementary school is divided into six teams of approximately 20 students. The students work in their teams during various school events, such as student orientation or chapel activities.

[Middle & High] Student Council

In the middle and high school program there is the Student Council, consisting of one student president and two vice presidents (one for middle school students and one for high school students), elected by all middle and high school students, and grade representatives. Student Council is involved in the following activities to build a healthy and autonomous student community:

  • Taking care of students’ welfare by managing a computer room or running a tuck shop.
  • Conducting various campaigns (e.g., walking on the left side, greeting) for cultivating a sound student culture.
  • Putting together students’ different opinions through a voice box or any other creative means.
  • Informing students of diverse information on school life in RTs (Reserved Times)
  • Participating in some of the important school events, including student orientations, opening ceremonies, commencement, and the school festival
  • Other

[Middle & High] Student Teams

The student teams are teams made up of about fourteen students from 7th to 12th grades. There are currently 20 student teams which participate in the following activities:

  • Regular meeting: Student teams meet regularly (e.g., after RT) to share thoughts about given themes and bible passages and to collectively carry out given tasks. In so doing, they develop communal spirituality and problem-solving competency.
  • Building relationship across grades: Student teams gather together not only in regular meetings, but also on occasions such as a member’s birthday and testing periods to support and take care of one another in various ways, developing relationships across different grades.
  • Participating in school events: They participate in multiple school events including student orientations, Sports Day, and the Camping Trip, cultivating the skills of leadership, collaboration, and communication.