In a Korean educational context where Christian values are increasingly de-emphasized, HIS chose to be accredited as an alternative school in the category of “Various Schools” in 2011, and has been run independently and without the government’s financial aid in order to uncompromisingly pursue its call to nurture children of Christian families, including missionaries’ children, to become Kingdom agents. To better put this call into practice, and especially to better serve missionary children, we need a lot of financial as well as spiritual support. You can participate in sustaining our call in the following ways.

1. How to Donate

1) Scholarship

You may create a new scholarship by determining the following or join an existing scholarship.

  • Title
  • Target group
  • Number of grantees
  • Period
  • Amount of the scholarship

Currently, the following scholarships are in operation.

MK Tutoring Scholarship

  • Grantor: Middle and high school parents

  • Target group: Middle and high school MKs

  • Number of grantees: All who participate in the MK tutoring program

  • Period: From the second semester of 2014

  • Amount of the scholarship: Total tutoring fees

2) General Donation

You can make a donation for the financial need of the school other than through scholarships

3) Special Donation

You can participate in fundraising drives for special purposes such as:

  • Expanding school libraries
  • Equipping multimedia tools and facilities (computers, overhead projectors, etc.)
  • Changing lockers
  • Purchasing a school bus
  • Construction of residence halls
  • Construction of school buildings
  • Construction of a gymnasium or swimming pool

2. Contact

Call at (054) 260-1731 or email at for details about ways to donate, donation receipts, etc.

3. Bank Account

IBK 158-081297-01-111 (“한동글로벌학교”)