Reading Program

HIS Reading Program

The theme for our HIS Reading Program is “Reading in Christ”. “Called-Cultivated-Commissioned” forms the basis of our educational system for all grades in elementary, middle and high school. In elementary school the reading program will concentrate on extensive Reading, with middle school focusing on Connecting ideas and high school on Nurturing concepts through books. Through special programs, students will be encouraged to continue reading on their own or in conjunction with class subjects, as this is a period where they tend to neglect reading in favor of university admissions and schoolwork. The purpose of our reading program is to help our students develop a lifelong love of wisdom and learning.

The details of our 2021 Reading Program are as follows. The program aims to create an environment for students to Read, Connect and Nurture Books based on the 3C’s of our educational curriculum and focus on spiritual, character, academic and global learning.


Elementary school is a period when students read voraciously. Students will read lots of books and participate in storytelling activities such as writing book reports and illustrating stories.

Middle School

Middle school students will focus on writing thematic book reviews to strengthen thoughtful writing skills. Writing and defending their arguments will allow students to turn information into knowledge.

High School

In High School reading activities will be connected to career guidance in an integrated roadmap. After aptitude testing, students can set objectives and research matching topics to create a career portfolio.

Reading History

The HIS Library also systematically manages students’ reading histories. The online Reading Support System manages and records the reading activities of all students. Records of transferring students from previous schools can also be transferred over.

HIS Book Club (Middle & High School)

Students in the extracurricular book club meet regularly to review & discuss books and can assist in library events.