Guidance Program

HIS Guidance Program

The theme of the HIS guidance program is “Calling in Christ.” Based on our educational foundation of “Called – Cultivated – Commissioned”, the program spans the 3 years of middle school and the 3 years of high school, for a total of 6 years. In middle school students learn about their identity and finding their calling, as they explore their gifts and what it means to serve. High school builds on that basis so that students can more specifically develop their competencies and how they can serve with them, as well as more focused preparation for life after graduation. The purpose of our guidance program is to prepare students well for service in God’s Kingdom.

Middle School Guidance Program Objectives and Direction

  • God & I: Through scripture, enable students to establish their identities as children of God, co-workers, and stewards and help them understand the roles available in God’s Kingdom.
  • Community & I: Enable students to understand the calling they have to God’s Kingdom in our families and neighbors and help them to establish their own vision within that.
  • This world & I: Teach students about the responsibilities they have as stewards to rule and restore various areas of creation and to recognize their own calling within those areas.

High School Guidance Program Objectives and Direction

  • Kingdom of God: Teach students to view creation through a Christian worldview and further develop their own identities and callings within that framework.
  • Vocation calling: Broaden students’ understandings of career paths through required and elective courses, student-led activities and team activities, thus helping them develop competency and shape their vision.
  • God’s agent: Enable students to consolidate what they learn through classes and activities, dream about what God’s Kingdom looks like in the real world, and practically prepare for their vision through exploring their areas of interest. Additionally, we will help students to set up an effective admissions strategy by collecting and providing information on different career paths and majors.

Middle School Guidance Program Strategy

High School Guidance Program Strategy