Family Life Education Program

HIS Family Life Education Program

The theme of our family life education program is “God saw that it was good!”  Based on our school’s educational foundation of “Called, Cultivated, Commissioned”, it is a 12-year program for elementary, middle and high school with focuses on “Knowing God created me”, “Learning to love one another”, and “Calling in the family”. Unlike the compulsory and uniform sex education in public schools, our program will look at issues of life and sex, marriage and family so we who were created and seen as good can continue to live in a manner that pleases God.  The purpose of our family life education program is to enable students to make pure and right choices throughout life as they remember of God.

God saw that it was good

God created me and saw that it was good.

God loves me and the people around me.

Therefore I can love and respect others, expressing God’s love in the world.


Topics by Grade

Elementary: Once per semester + integrated subject work




ME – my body

YOU – relationships with friends


ME – what my birthday means

ME – preventing abuse


YOU – preventing sexual assault

YOU – respecting boundaries, consideration for others


ME – understanding sex/gender & pregnancy

YOU – accepting differences in one another


ME – puberty, dangers of pornography

YOU – friendships & the problem of joking


ME – the value of life, understanding pregnancy

YOU – dating & relationships

Middle & High: Twice a semester + integrated subject work

Created by God

Sound Body & Sound Mind

Secondary sexual characteristics

Online addictions


Online addictions

Dating & Puberty

Family relationships & marriage

Godly relationships Sexual consent

Choosing who to date & marry

Responsibility & Life


Pregnancy & birth Preparing for parenthood

Healthy families